Monday, July 28, 2008

Hello, California!

Here's a neat story submitted to us:
On the 7th of July I was wandering the streets at Laguna Beach, CA and wandered into one of many shops along the way. After picking out a hat, and looking at a lot of other creations, I moved over to a cabinet with jewelry hanging and laying on it. As I looked down, I saw a whole round tray of Phenominoes. I was really excited and asked the clerk where they had gotten them. I told her I had a friend in who made them. I was very proud to say I know the creator of these particular dominoes. AND, I have had the honor and fun of making my own dominoes at a BPW Retreat. Yes, Sandy, I saw these at Laguna Beach – and recognized your designs right away. WAY TO GO GIRL!!!
Thanks Rosemary for passing the good word along!