Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Win Win Partnerships Help us All

It makes sense that Moms who are looking into buying domino sets or games might be the same Moms would would want a domino pendant. So when Gamemaster4U offered the chance to "swap" ads for Mother's Day on our home pages ... I thought, "why not?" It turns out, Gamemaster4U is a very family friendly business with toys like Melissa and Doug that are educational and experiential for kids. They also have old fashioned "affordable" wooden toys. And then games for grownups like Mah jongg and Dominoes and Rummy Sets, etc. I like their automatic "shuffler" too. (Saves time when playing with two sets of poker cards.) Anyway, strategic alliances are smart ... and we're try to learn about them and how we can help each other this Mother's Day. Visit these links for more direct info:
Click here to see how she's advertising Phenominoes Custom pendants for Moms and Grandmoms.
Click here to see more about our Custom Pendants.
Click here to see how I'm advertising for her.
Click here to see her index of toys and games.