Monday, July 28, 2008

Hello, California!

Here's a neat story submitted to us:
On the 7th of July I was wandering the streets at Laguna Beach, CA and wandered into one of many shops along the way. After picking out a hat, and looking at a lot of other creations, I moved over to a cabinet with jewelry hanging and laying on it. As I looked down, I saw a whole round tray of Phenominoes. I was really excited and asked the clerk where they had gotten them. I told her I had a friend in who made them. I was very proud to say I know the creator of these particular dominoes. AND, I have had the honor and fun of making my own dominoes at a BPW Retreat. Yes, Sandy, I saw these at Laguna Beach – and recognized your designs right away. WAY TO GO GIRL!!!
Thanks Rosemary for passing the good word along!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Paula Loves Her Birthday Phenomino Necklace!

Paula is the successful owner of Bodacious Boutique -- a very cool Plus Size boutique in North Dallas -- and she has been wanting a Phenomino necklace for a while! Two of her friends made a necklace and put the Fresh Spring Flowers pendant on there for her. She loves it and wore it to market showing it off to potential showrooms for us.