Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well, it didn't work

“I’ll never forget the first day I went to Puremco to meet with the new owner from Canada and the new President from New Hampshire,” says Sandy Parker, creator and “mother hen” of Phenominoes. “My little baby business had grown and was interesting to the world’s best domino company. Bottomline, they liked my idea and saw the potential of Phenominoes. ” So we made an arrangement that we would share in building the brand of Phenominoes for a year and then evaluate the ownership interests after that.

Well, it didn’t take much evaluating to find out that we are two very different products. While we are both domino related, Phenominoes is a boutique product for women. Dominoes are mass marketed as toys or bought mostly by men. Our efforts to help each other grow didn’t work. So we made a new decision. Effective November 1, Phenominoes came home again to downtown Dublin, Texas. We rented a much larger space downtown on Patrick Street (diagonally across from Dr. Pepper) and put our little “factory” back to work. “I’m thrilled to have them back home,” says Parker. I feel like they are right where they belong: in our care, under our roof, and shipped with love and care to our amazing clients.